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5 top tips for picking the perfect Maldives resort

The Maldives is one of the hottest destinations around, with a stream of top-end hotels entering the market and reimagining luxury resort design. Here you will find an ultra-luxe resort to suit even the most discerning traveller. Whether you are searching for a secluded castaway-style bungalow immersed in nature or a futuristic glass-walled villa with a restaurant under the sea; a glamorous retro-inspired fun-loving resort or driftwood-hued villas complete with retractable roof and waterslide be sure that your idyllic Maldives resort is out there just waiting to be found. If you are planning a holiday to the Maldives, here are 5 top tips to help you pick the perfect resort.

1. Budget

Discussing the budget is never a sexy topic. But when it comes to planning a luxury holiday in the Maldives, you need to have a vague idea of how much you want to spend. For those indulging in 5-star luxury in the Maldives, villa pricing can still range from $1000 to $10 000 a night (or more). Due to the one island one resort concept, you dont really have the option of wandering off to find a cheaper place to dine. Its worth contacting the resort and looking at the pricing of their food and drinks, so you know what to expect during your stay. Some resorts offer full-board, half-board and all-inclusive packages. Be sure to find out exactly what is and is not included in these packages, to determine which option provides the best value for your style of holiday. If you enjoy indulging in a day at the spa or going for dive excursions, find out the pricing of these activities too. Note that service charges and taxes are usually an additional cost. Resort transfers can also be quite costly ($600 pp), so be sure to factor this into the budget too.

2. Distance from Mal

The Maldives are an archipelago of around 1192 coral islands grouped into 26 atolls. Depending on where your resort is located within this vast region, you will require a resort transfer from Mal by speedboat, seaplane or domestic flight plus speedboat. For those guests with limited time in the Maldives, you may prefer to choose a resort close to Mal for the convenience of a quick speedboat transfer. Do note that resorts near Mal may not provide the seclusion you are looking for as you can still see other islands in the distance plus lights from Mal at night. If you want to truly experience idyllic island life, look at resorts that are located further out from Mal. The seaplane transfer is a spectacular experience that you will never forget, offering a stunning aerial perspective of the jewel-like archipelago.

3. House reef

The clear waters of the Maldives are home to an abundance of neon-hued sea life and colourful coral reefs, just waiting to be discovered. When choosing which resort to stay at, consider the quality of the house reef and your snorkelling opportunities. Some resorts have house reef all around the island, making the snorkelling opportunities plentiful. Other resorts are surrounded by an expansive blue lagoon. This is striking to look at, but requires a boat trip to go snorkelling. If you want it all then opt for a resort that offers both a house reef and an abundant lagoon.

4. Target market

Each resort in the Maldives is designed to appeal to a certain type of guest. For guests planning their honeymoon or a romantic getaway, look for a secluded adults-only resort. If you have your heart set on staying in a water villa, be sure to check that your resort offers this type of accommodation. For those travelling in a large group, pick a resort that offers large villas and some night life. If you are travelling with your little one, check out resorts that have a great kids club and babysitting options. Be sure to view the resort policy regarding children staying in water villas (some do not permit children due to safety; others require you to sign a waiver).

5. Resort facilities

Look into the resort facilities and activities that are on offer for your stay in the Maldives. If discovering the myriad of marine life is your number one priority, find out if the resort has a dive centre that offers regular dive trips. If you want to immerse yourself in blissful relaxation, look at the day spa packages and find out about beachside yoga classes. If you are travelling with tots, check out the Kids Club facilities, babysitting services and if there is a medical clinic onsite. There are even resorts with golf courses! Find out about the range of dining options that are available at the resort too. Larger resorts generally have multiple dining venues and may also offer a nightly themed buffet to mix up the flavours. Contact the resort and peruse the restaurant menus to see if the offered cuisine is to your taste.

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The worlds most innovative, imaginative hotel system Hyperloop Hotel

Imagine no longer having to fly to your chosen destination, but instead enjoying a smooth transit system between hotels in top cities. Maybe by 2020 you can, if the imaginative, innovative Hyperloop Hotel becomes a reality.

Hotels linked by a hyperloop transit system

The award winning Hyperloop Hotel concept has been developed by a graduate architecture student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Brandan Siebrecht. His design integrates the normal components that make up our travel experience: buying tickets for planes, trains or buses along with booking a few nights at a hotel. Siebrecht's design proposes 13 hotels in different US cities linked by a hyperloop transit system.

Faster than a plane and energy-efficient

The hyperloop concept was originally introduced by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, back in 2013. It is a mode of transportation which propels a pod-like vehicle via a reduced-pressure tube. Brandan Siebrecht's design was partially inspired by DevLoop. Located just north of Las Vegas, DevLoop is an actual test track for Hyperloop One. The objectives of Hyperloop One are to be faster than a plane, autonomous and energy-efficient.

Linking 13 of America's most important cities

The Hyperloop Hotel concept will have hotels in 13 of America's most important cities: New York City, Washington DC, Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Denver, Santa Fe, Chicago, Boston, Nashville and Austin.

This futuristic concept would also eliminate the need to purchase separate transit tickets between America's largest cities, all of which would be linked by this hyperloop system. At the time of writing the design is still conceptual, but the goal is to create a fully operational hyperloop system by 2020.

Multiple destinations in a single day

Siebrecht's design won him the student's Radical Innovation Award this year. "Guests would be able to travel to any hotel destination within the network and even visit multiple destinations in a single day," Siebrecht said.

For a proposed flat fee of $1,200, guests will be able to zoom at top speed between the network of US cities, while never having to leave their room. Hotel sizes will vary according to their location, as will their footprint. In dense cities the footprint will be smaller than in less populated areas. As yet nightly costs have not been calculated.

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